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Spectacular Digs – Waterfront Estate near Hilton Head SC – truly a work of Art

A legacy estate surveying the Colleton River, "Seven Oaks" exudes a timeless elegance that defines grace and integrity.

A legacy estate surveying the Colleton River, “Seven Oaks” exudes a timeless elegance that defines grace and integrity.

Coastal properties are always special, and yet, finding those within the this limited area, at this level of grandeur is truly special!  Every facet of this property has been well planned and orchestrated to it’s ultimate end- grace and integrity…

The estate is a 9+ acre waterfront paragon ( 500′ of shoreline and Private Dock ) – designed, crafted, and maintained with exacting standards of excellence. This private estate is located in prestigious Colleton River Plantation, two miles from Hilton Head Island. Each room or living space is deserving of its’ own story.  The Great Room and the Library, with 10′ high solid wood sliding pocket doors, the high vaulted cathedral ceiling enamored by hand carved beams showcase incredible water views!  The light and airy Tea Room features an antique leaded glass ceiling from an old New York hotel. The Guest Cottage is the perfect distance from the main house.

to read up on this and find out more information and photos, please visit  –

Water Island Digs- Oceanfront Estate – Truly Unique!

WaterIslandOceanFrontA rare find, like a diamond in the sand… this oceanfront estate with unobstructed ocean views is truly a gem on the Atlantic. The property (about 2 acres on the ocean with approx. 200″ ocean frontage) is situated on the easternmost section of the community (Water Island, Fire Island) but separated from the enclave by National Seashore Forest . The contemporary 2 story main house set high atop a dune has rectangular and circuitous shapes, with clear white cedar exteriors. House is south facing the ocean, with French doors to oceanside decks/terraces. Living/dining area, with wood-burning fireplace and spiral stair to 2nd level master suite. Master suite is the entire top level of house, with full bath, and foyer, dressing area, and bed chamber. Panoramic oceanside wall of glass and private master suite terrace all overlooking the ocean, dunes, garden and pool area. Bright kitchen with ocean views, designed in white tones, with high end appliances. More information can be found here:

About Us


Do you have a special property you’re interested in marketing to sell? Or are you looking for the proper setting for each facet of your lifestyle? Whether South Florida property, Fire Island beach property, or a Manhattan residence, let me help you sell your jewel, or discover the mainstay or luxury destination home that’s perfect for you.


Skilled in meeting special requests for sellers and buyers – whether you’re ready to market your home, or are looking for your next home, whether it’s the city life, the Island life, or both – whether you’re looking a quiet private setting, or the activity-filled days of a home close to the happenings – CJ Mingolelli of Douglas Elliman Real Estate can help.


As a Douglas Elliman Real Estate sales professional, CJ lives in the markets that he serves, and through his affiliation with the Douglas Elliman Real Estate Network he can offer strong connections to and within major markets, as well as global marketing programs that target the affluent.


You can rely on Douglas Elliman Real Estate. It’s essential in today’s real estate market to work with a company you know and trust, and with a sales professional you can rely on. Douglas Elliman Real Estate is a company that’s been helping people with their goals for 125 years.


Find out how CJ and Douglas Elliman Real Estate can help you sell your property, or buy a home with the right setting for your lifestyle. Whether you are a property buyer or seller, contact CJ today.




Fire Island Digs – Amazing Bayfront Compound

Check out this Regal Bayfront Modern Compound, 3 Bedroom 3 Bath, with one of the largest heated Jacuzzi/pools on Fire Island. The property has an oversized lot, and with full new bulkhead seawall. Manicured gardens, and pond, and long gallery entry to the property gatehouse. Main house is lofted living area, and open floor plan living, dining and kitchen area (with high end stainless appliances). Bedrooms of the main house are en-suite with full baths, and private sitting areas. Secondary house is the guest quarters with en-suite bedroom, and sitting area. Both structures have direct views if the Great South Bay, and overlook the pool area. A breezeway entry separates the structures. Excellent design and use of space on this property evoke feelings of comfort, inviting, and very voluminous. Property is being sold fully furnished. More information can be found here-